A while ago I ordered some new toys for me to play from dawanda. Organic cotton, linnen and organic cotton yarn for kniting. I can’t wait to dig my hands into those treasures and creaft. My creative juices are flowing.

Natural Fibers

Natural Fibers

Vor einer Weile habe ich mir neue Stoffe zum Spielen bei Dawanda bestellt. Biobaumwolle, Leinen und Biobaumwollgarn zum Stricken. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, damit zu spielen. Meine kreativen Säfte fliessen schon…

0 thoughts on “New Fabrics

  1. Oh new supplies and fabrics are always such a joy. I have the hardest time finding fabrics I like here in rural france, all I can say, is thank goodness for online shops. But still it is difficult.

  2. I am so sure I just left you a comment :)
    It just disappeared.

    Was just rambling about the fact it is so hard to find good fabrics in rural France, but am grateful that there is online shops, although they are often very disappointing too. Good thing that I like the natural fabrics the best any ways…. otherwise I would be truly lost :)

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