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    Now we have a vitamix. It means Smoothies in the morning and ice cream experiments. Yum! Wir haben ja jetzt einen Vitamix. Nun gibt es morgens leckere Smoothies. Und die sind viel cremiger als ich sie mit meinem kleinen Personal Blender hinbekomme. Tolle Anschaffung. Wir experimentieren auch mit hausgemachtem Eis. Die Geschichte, wie wir zu unserem Vitamix kamen, könnt ihr hier lesen.

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    Yoga Music Festival in Bad Meinberg

    We are back from the Yoga Music Festival at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg. It was great. So nice to be there again and enjoy the spiritual athmosphere. Our gig was wonderful. We played a gongmeditation. It started with a strong yogaset. In the picture you see a part of it. The taiko drums played the rhythm for the kriya. When the set was finished, our group of 8 gong players started to play like an orchestra, finished by Nanak Dev Singhs gong solo (the bog one on the stage). When people where still in trance and sleepy on the ground, the mantra choir started singing very gentle the mantra…