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    My daughter has a friend whose father is from Peru. She always wears a poncho. Now my daughter wantsa to have a poncho, too. Does anybody know a lovely poncho knitting pattern? There’s a huge list on ravelry, but I thought I’d ask here, too. C hat eine Freundin, deren Papa aus Peru kommt. Sie trägt immer einen Poncho. Nun möchte C. auch einen haben. Wisst ihr eine schöne Poncho-Strickanleitung? Es gibt eine ganze Reihe auf ravelry, aber ich dachte, ich frage euch nach einem guten Tipp.

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    Verfressene Familie

    At the weekend our 5-member patchworkfamily was complete once again. It was amazing to see what amounts of food we need. On friday the fridge was full, in sunday night we had to hide and safe the last banana for breakfast on monday. Just for fun we counted the amount of bananas we would need for one week. 70! How big is your family and how do you deal with food? How often do you go grocery shopping and how much do you spend on it? Do you buy organic? Do you buy lots of fresh food or frozen or dried (pasta, grains, peas..)? Do you buy in supermarkets, farmers…

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    Celebrate peace

    Yesterday we have been at the Snatam Kaur Concert from her „celebrate peace tour“. It was a lovely concert with beautyful chants. I most like when she chants in gurmukh and I don’t understand what she is actually singing. Then it’s only the sound that goes under my skin, the naad (the perfect sound, the vibration). The singers encouraged the audience to chant with them. Snatam included a few yoga/pranayama exercises and ended the concert with the RaMaDaSa Healing Meditation. I am happy that we went to the concert. i would have liked it better to sit on the ground instead on a chair. That would have been perfect. The…