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Mail Goodness from France

Last weekend my man brought me a big envelope that I got from France. I usually already see from the handwriting who is writing me. It was mail from my dear friend and penpal Annax. Anna is a wonderful and talented artist, mother of 5 children and such a deep and caring soul. I met her the first time online in 2002 when I joined her yahoogroup DeDecoClub. And that was because I saw her lovely deco entries. Back then she lived in ireland. And now it’s 7 years later, we both had a complete change of our lifes and headed towards happieness. Annax now lives in France with her family and is doing the most magical art and illustration. One day I want to meet her in real.

Go and visit her etsy shop Lillalotta, Flickr and blog.

Anna, you rock. Thank you for your friendship!

Beautyful Goodies from France
Beautyful Goodies from France

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