Going raw again

Going raw again

I am starting a new approach on going back raw. Annalise inspired me to start juicing again, so I had a yummie juice for breakfast and so far only some raw snacks. I also decided to get a workout routine established again. Minimum is better than nothing. Maybe I write down my progress in here for further reference? That’s how I started today.

Here’s a nice recipe I found in the recent newsletter of HealthInHighHeels.

Parsley and hemp tabouleh
Parsley and Hemp Tabbouleh

Parlesy and Hemp Tabbouleh

− 2 ounces parsley, chopped
− 1 Roma tomato, diced finely
− 1 T fresh mint, chopped
− 3 T hemp seeds
− 1 green onion, diced
− 1 T olive oil
− 1 T fresh lemon juice
− Pinch salt

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